Meet Julia

Meet Julia

Julia Salazar is running for re-election in District 18 to continue to bring the fight for working people to Albany.

Julia Salazar is the State Senator in New York’s 18th District, representing neighborhoods in Bushwick, Cypress Hills, East New York, Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Bed-Stuy, and Brownsville. She is also the Chair of the NYS Senate’s Women’s Issues Committee.

Julia’s Story

Born in an immigrant family, Julia attended public schools, and began working at a local grocery store when she was 14 to help make ends meet. She supported herself through Columbia University as a nanny. She went on to work on staff at a major union, then as a staff organizer for Jews for Racial and Economic Justice, a key partner in the Communities United for Police Reform coalition. Before her election in 2018, she was leader in the New York chapter of Democratic Socialists of America. As a member of the Bushwick community, she has been a tireless advocate for her neighbors and fellow tenants, longtime North Brooklyn residents, and small homeowners.

Julia’s Experience

Before Julia’s historic first term in the Senate, her decade of experience as a local community organizer brought her from the streets of Bushwick to the halls of Albany. She has organized, protested, picketed, lobbied, and legislated to achieve a more just New York. From working with her neighbors to fight for their legal right to safe housing to demanding criminal justice reforms at the city and state levels, Julia has been at the forefront of campaigns for social justice in New York for years.

In her first term, Julia went to bat for working-class people and families. From the strongest rent reforms and tenant protections in New York’s history, to drivers’ licenses for our undocumented neighbors, Julia worked to build strong coalitions and helped pass legislation that is already changing lives and bringing opportunity to millions of families.

Julia’s legislative advocacy included:

  • Advocating for the repeal of 50-a, a section of the law that kept records of police misconduct hidden from the public
  • Working in coalition to secure the most comprehensive package of tenant protections in New York’s history
  • Mobilizing New Yorkers in the long-term campaign that won the passage of the Right to Know Act
  • Leading delegations of New Yorkers to meet with state legislators to advocate for police accountability and criminal justice reform
  • Standing with domestic workers, home care workers, and family caregivers to demand dignified jobs and worker protections across New York state
  • Advocating for a robust New York Health Act to provide health care for all New Yorkers that is free at the point of service
  • Presenting testimony to the Civilian Complaint Review Board on behalf of survivors of gender-based violence

Why Julia is running for re-election

North Brooklyn is at a crossroads. The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed and worsened inequities that have long plagued our communities. A massive affordable housing crisis is raising rents and displacing whole neighborhoods; our families are paying more and more just to put a roof over their heads and have less and less to spare for everything else. Small homeowners are being harassed out of their homes and displaced by corporate real estate developers. Immigrant communities and workers are under assault by the Trump administration, while millions of Americans are denied healthcare. Politicians stand by while the billionaires get richer and the working people they claim to represent struggle just to survive.

Julia will continue to bring the voices of District 18 to the State Capitol to fight for a democratic socialist society, a North Brooklyn that works for working people. Together, we can build a stronger city. Together, we can preserve and empower our communities.

Together, we can create a more caring New York.