Climate Justice

Climate Justice and a Green New Deal for New York

The Climate Crisis is the greatest existential threat to our society the world has ever seen.

It means more extreme heat events, more blizzards, more flooding, and more hurricanes. Worse yet, climate change and environmental destruction disproportionately harm poor and working-class people, those who contributed the least to the crisis. In the era of climate inaction at the federal level, it is more important than ever for state legislatures to step up and be climate leaders.

We must put forward bold solutions in order to create a just transition away from fossil fuels, towards a sustainable energy system and a regenerative economy.

In my second term as you State Senator, I will:

  • Fight for 100% renewable energy in New York by 2035
  • Ensure all New York communities are afforded fair treatment and meaningful involvement in environmental decision-making, and that frontline communities and environmental justice communities have a champion in Albany.
  • Require that NYSERDA to stop any money in the Clean Energy Fund from funding fossil fuel projects and that they invest these funds instead in community-controlled renewable projects.
  • Fix the VDER (Value of Distributed Energy Resources) policy for valuing solar energy and supporting local communities to have their own solar networks.
  • Fight to divest the New York State Pension Fund from the fossil fuel industry.
  • Push for public ownership of our energy grid and public utilities