Criminal Justice Reform

Community Safety and Criminal Justice Reform

Crime rates have decreased all over North Brooklyn, but too many of our residents, especially people of color, still don’t feel safe in our communities.

We fear being harassed or even attacked by the police, seeing our families torn apart by ICE, losing our loved ones to opioid addiction, and being evicted from our homes. After 50 years of broken-windows policing and mass incarceration, we know that police and prisons won’t keep us safe: only a strong community that welcomes and protects all of its members can do that.

That’s why I’m proposing measures that will help every resident of Bushwick, Cypress Hills, Williamsburg, and Greenpoint feel secure:

  • Invest in community-led conflict resolution programs and de-escalation training to settle disputes without resorting to violence
  • Support youth programs to give our young people a constructive focus
  • End cash bail
  • Implement measures to ensure real police accountability and an end to broken-windows policing
  • Legalize marijuana and provide treatment for victims of the opioid crisis instead of criminalizing them
  • Decriminalize sex work and make sure that sex workers’ rights are protected by repealing New York’s harmful ‘loitering for the purpose of prostitution’ law also known as the Walking While Trans Ban