Immigration Reform
in New York

In the age of Trump, immigrants all over the country are under threat of detention and deportation.

ICE is bringing fear into our communities and tearing apart our families. But the problem is deeper than Trump: America’s immigration system is fundamentally flawed, enabling the exploitation of whole communities. As a proud daughter of an immigrant father myself, I know how important it is to protect the rights of immigrants and ensure that everyone can fully participate in the life of New York State without threat or persecution.

In my first term, I worked in coalition to pass the New York State Dream Act, which grants financial aid to undocumented students. We also fought to pass Green Light legislation, which ensures that all New Yorkers have the right to obtain a driver’s license, regardless of their immigration status.

In my second term as your State Senator, I will:

  • Continue to call for the abolition of ICE — ICE brings fear into our communities and tears apart our families. Julia has consistently supported the abolishment of ICE, and wants to fight to keep ICE out of our courts.
  • Advocate for the inclusion of undocumented immigrants in coronavirus relief packages —The COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionately harmed communities of color while relying on the labor of undocumented immigrants. Julia will continue to advocate for the inclusion of undocumented immigrants in coronavirus relief packages.