Reproductive Justice

Reproductive rights are under attack, and Roe v. Wade is at risk of being overturned.

While in my first term, as chair of the Women’s Issues Committee, I pushed for the passage of the Reproductive Health Act, which updated New York’s abortion laws for the first time since 1970, expanding abortion rights and removing abortion from the state’s criminal code. We also passed the Comprehensive Contraceptive Care Act, my bill that guarantees that all insurance providers cover cost-free birth control. But Maintaining the right to abortion services and free contraception is not enough. New Yorkers need reproductive justice. That means access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare—including abortion and contraception, but also prenatal, pregnancy, and postpartum care. Every onr og us has the right to not have children, the right to have children safely and on our own terms, and the right to raise those children in safe, healthy, uplifting, and truly inclusive communities. As your State Senator, I will continue to fight for:

  • Comprehensive, free access to abortion and contraception for anyone who wants or needs them.
  • Coverage for the full range of evidence-based medical professionals—doulas, midwives, physicians, and nurses—who attend to women in pregnancy and childbirth, so that women can access culturally appropriate care that reflects their preferences for how and where they want to give birth.
  • Increased support for prenatal and postpartum care, so that women have continuity of care from pregnancy through childbirth and the months after, which is key to improving health outcomes for women and babies.
  • Establishment of a maternal mortality review board to revise and implement protocols that have been shown to reduce infant and maternal mortality and to address the epidemic of deaths among infants and women of color.